3 Keys to Creative + Holistic Wellness

This e-course is meant for anyone experiencing a lack of inspiration, energy, creativity, or encouragement.

It’s designed to illuminate the path to breakthrough + vision through the understanding of how the mind, body, & soul communicate.

I believe the three keys to be: reclaiming identity, rediscovering movement, & restoring vision.

This course is designed for anyone who searching for guidance on how to:

  1. Establish a loving relationship with your body & mind

  2. Overcome creative blocks

  3. Reclaim a strong sense of identity & innate worth

  4. Balance stress & heal the nervous system holistically

  5. Engage in sensory awareness, movement, & writing therapy to process emotions

  6. Regain energy naturally

  7. Cultivate a soft heart & a clear mind

  8. Start a gentle healing process balanced with encouragement

  9. Get clarity on vision for your life.

  10. Pinpoint the root of unhealthy mental dialogue & limiting beliefs

  11. Create pattern changes sustainably

  12. Develop a simple nutrition guide for your own body

This course is formatted to be taken at whatever pace you are comfortable, & includes: 3 hours of audio, over 50 informational slides, reflection/exercise questions, & a mini nutrition guide + stress management journal.