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Purpose: Worth + Vision

Updated: Nov 18, 2019


First, thanks so much for taking the time out to check out my blog! I have so much I want to share with you all & I’m excited to begin this journey- & to just have fun with it!

This blog is woman-focused & I plan on it revolving around things like: discovering our innate worth as women, holistic nutrition, creative wellness, the healing process, creativity + the arts, minimalism & whatever else I’m brainstorming about at any given time. Also, if you ever have topics you’d love to see covered feel free to leave a comment or email me!

One of my biggest dreams is that all women experience the abundant life we were created to live. I love seeing women get excited about why they were put on this earth & fully coming into the realization of how valuable they are. As someone who has struggled with figuring out my life’s purpose & healthy self-esteem, I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you're spinning your wheels.

Women are powerful forces of nature & each & every one of us have something remarkable to add to this world.

You have immeasurable worth & the world needs who you were created to be.

We are all made in our Creator’s image, created for vision. Therefore, it’s always possible to discover our purpose.

I believe that understanding our intrinsic worth & healing the connection of our mind + body + soul is necessary to clarify that vision.

This blog will be a journey through healing using creative self-expression- & everything else in between!

A little bit about me:

I’m Lauren Crawford & I’m a Chicago-based certified holistic nutritionist, creative wellness educator, & self-worth advocate. My goal is to help women who are hesitant to heal (but who also want to get back in touch with their bodies) in a way that is creative, unique to their own bodies, & that illuminates the path to clear vision + self-worth.

The arts, wellness, & holistic nutrition have been life-long passions of mine. Melding all of these together to form healing arts is my vision. I'm a firm believer that minimalism + balance are the keys to a happy life. Dancing is the best form of therapy, in my opinion, & you can find me at house + techno shows on a pretty regular basis.

A simple green smoothie + 2 mile run is my favorite mind cleanser. I'm most inspired by delving into Scripture & am constantly amazed that the word of God is living & active. The book of Psalms is my absolute favorite. It’s pretty wild to see how a lot of the Psalmists had experiences that mirror some of the same things we experience today.

My happy places are watching live music, wandering through all types of museums, & exploring street art + architecture throughout new & old cities alike.

After becoming certified in holistic nutrition, I knew I wanted to empower women to live a vibrant, high-energy life.

As women, we face a lot these days when it comes to body image. We struggle with things like body-dysmorphic disorder, eating disorders, hypochondria, dealing with the aftermath of assault, anxiety, & depression - just to name a few - all on top of trying to manage a productive, joyful life.

I’ve experienced all of these issues + mor (which I'll dive deeper into in the future). At some point, the light-bulb finally went on & I realized that no one was going to "fix" me...except me.

I made the decision to go through a healing process that would get me on the path to living an energetic, joy-filled life.

This has transformed my life & I get so thrilled to let other women know that they really can have a vibrant life full of vision, purpose, & creativity!

You may be hesitant to start the healing process or have issues getting in touch with your body. You may be an artist with a creative block, musician, writer, an entrepreneur experiencing an uninspired season, or a woman who is simply searching for her purpose on this earth. You may have low self-esteem or need direction truly realizing your innate worth. Whoever you are & whatever category you may fall into (including ones I didn’t list!), you are welcome here!

Understanding how to listen to our body’s Creator-designed wisdom & learning the simple, holistic art to caring for ourselves is paramount. When we understand our innate worth through our Creator’s eyes & heal at the root level, we are able to experience true joy, lasting freedom, & { authentic } creativity.

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me & I can’t wait to share more with you ladies!

Peace, Lo


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