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Energetics: The Body’s Energy Flow

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

“Where there is space, there is movement. Where there is movement, there is energy.

Where there is energy, disease cannot exist.” - Dr. Henele E’ale

Fatigue is the root cause of all disease. In order to heal, we must have the energy to heal- the body will not heal without it. If our cells are not getting the proper energy and oxygen supply, fatigue starts to set in and sets back the healing process. When you are fatigued, the body bio-accumulates pollution because of your weakened immune system.

A lot of times we don’t really take fatigue as seriously as we should because we're able to get a constant surge of synthetic energy through our consistent use of stimulants. Things like caffeine, refined sugar, and pharmaceutical drugs can all largely contribute to our lack of energy, as they are band-aids to fixing our low energy problem. Nutritional deficiencies, dietary and environmental pollution, delayed food allergies, infections, scar tissues, and negative internal dialogue all also play a part in what causes fatigue.

A strong immune system is key. There are two factors that determine if you are going to get sick. They are exposure and susceptibility. If the stress to energy ratio is out of whack, fatigue sets in and we are far more susceptible to sickness. Our emotional state affects our energy production as well. Stress from negative, internalized emotion causes as much cellular damage as an acidic diet. Our bodies are designed to heal and to be brought into balance. Our bodies (and minds too) are designed to heal in 28 day cycles.

Our emotions are at the heart of our health.

There are two types of emotions, energy cultivating and energy draining. Our emotions affect our anatomy. If we are slumped over and have bad posture, things like digestion and breathing will be off. This affects our physiology. When our breathing becomes shallow and quick, this disrupts the oxygen that is getting to the brain. Less oxygen to our cells means less energy. When there is a deficit in cellular energy, this messes with our biochemistry. Detoxification will be labored and our lungs will not function as smoothly from lack of movement.

Alkalinity of cells produces the highest level of energy. An acidic environment breaks down cells and leads to stress on the body. Things like saunas, organic juice fasts, massage, and exercise greatly stimulate our systems to clear stagnant energy in the body. Creating a level of alkalinity in the body is key to establish a natural source of energy and to fend off disease and sickness. Organic leafy greens, clean water (not tap), protein from farm-raised chicken, organic almonds, and fresh fruits are some examples of alkaline-rich foods. Processed sugar and white flour, caffeine, alcohol, high saturated fats, excess red meat, fried and fatty foods, dairy, wheat, and eggs are all considered to be highly acidic foods. Maintaining a balanced, alkaline diet is necessary if we want to live in optimal health.

More on alkalizing diets in future blog posts!

The Logic of Forgiveness & Energy Draining Reactions

Our intention to respond acts through our nervous system to help arrange the

hydrogen bonds into beautiful temporary structures that our cells receive as info for healthy DNA transcription and cellular function. Our chance to react to stress and expose ourselves to environmental pollutants can overwhelm our nervous system and body. This creates chaos in the hydrogen bonding patterns, thereby disrupting DNA transcription and cellular function.

This is where forgiveness comes in to play. We cannot always prevent environmental pollutants from entering our bodies, but we can prevent emotional pollutants with forgiveness.

Forgiveness is as much for your own well-being as it is just to release the other person- or yourself or a situation. You don’t have to carry around the negative thoughts and negative wasted energy. How many times have you said, “I can’t let go”. Forgiveness allows you to close the door and for another to open. We often don’t understand how big of a weight we are carrying until we let it go.

Un-forgiveness is a serious cause of energy draining reactions. Our bodies actually go through an energetically draining reaction when we harbor un-forgiveness and bitterness. When we have been wronged or emotionally wounded survival instincts kick in and we begin to engage our coping mechanisms. We go through a spiral of unworthiness, excessive concentration, grief, loss of trust, anger, and we may isolate ourselves.

There are five different levels of energy draining reactions as they pertain to not letting go of hurt or unforgiveness.

1st Level- You feel hurt, rejected, or bitter because of something that someone has done to you. You acknowledge this feeling and do have natural feelings of grief or anger.

2nd Level- People in secondary level reactions may know it’s a healthy thing to heal and grieve, but are just outright angry. This can be a part of the healing process, but becomes more difficult to manage when anger starts to takeover. Angry people who are willing to heal can be in a good place as they have not completely been drained of their energy reserves and are usually more open to a process of healing at this point.

3rd Level- At this level, in order to adapt, one might turn a coping mechanism into a behavioral adaptation and go deeper into negativity. This can be an issue as these types of patterns can be hard to break. You might see someone who is displaying signs of being resistant, easily overwhelmed, struggles with mental chatter, is unable to let go, unable to forgive, fearful/anxious, frustrated/complaining, guilty, etc.

4th Level- Now fatigued, the seduction begins. This mindset makes it easier to become destructive to self. There is a lot of playing the victim, blaming others, hyper-controlling, etc. There are big obstacles that need to be overcome at this point. Energy levels are almost non-existent at this point.

5th Level- This is the most dangerous place for a spirit to be. It is both destructive to self and to others. People struggling in this level enjoy/get energy from harming or being negative towards others. They do not take responsibility or accountability. You are wrong, they are correct, and are incredibly manipulative. They refuse to say thank you, judgmental, irrational, vindictive, negative internal dialogue, and are borderline beyond help. Almost in a sociopath category.

Knowing all of this, see if you can pinpoint what level you might be, where a friend or family is, or a client. This is going takes extreme honesty with yourself. However, the recognition of where you or someone else are emotionally will have dramatic effects on your energy levels as well as a lightening of your spirit. Never underestimate the healing power of forgiveness!

Forgiving & letting go in the smaller areas has a hugely energizing effect on your mind + body + soul.

The more we choose to forgive, the more it will become a reflex.

Good health begins at a root level. An alkalizing diet for the body & intentional forgiveness for the mind + soul.




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