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Healing through Worship

There are constant pulls on our attention/affections in countless directions.

We have the choice of where we want our hearts & minds to land.

How do we safeguard our conscience & remain discerning when our bodies/minds seem to turn on us or act out due to residual trauma or unresolved issues?


Giving praise to our Creator is one of the greatest acts of healing. It calls us into humility, infuses us with courage, & interrupts a path forged towards confusion. It takes us out of self-reliance & illuminates self-worth. We are reminded of who we are & why we were created.

What does worship look like? An expression of gratitude to our Creator. It can be released in written form, the spoken word, singing, dancing, movement, or another creative outlet.

Worship is a holistic action that travels the course through our minds and bodies & is lifted up to the One who knew our name & history before we even came to be. ✧




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