About Me

The arts, wellness, & holistic nutrition have been life-long passions of mine. Melding all of these together to form healing arts is my goal. Dancing is the best form of therapy, in my opinion! A simple green smoothie + 2 mile run is my favorite mind cleanser. I'm most inspired by delving into Scripture & am constantly amazed that the word of God is living & active. My happy places are experiencing live music, wandering through any type of museum, & exploring architecture throughout new & old cities alike. I'm also a firm believer that minimalism + balance are keys to a happy life.

After becoming certified in holistic nutrition, it became my goal to empower others to live a vibrant, high-energy life. We face a lot these days when it comes to body image and self-esteem. We struggle with things like body-dysmorphic disorder, unresolved trauma, eating disorders, hypochondria, anxiety & depression - just to name a few - all on top of trying to manage a productive, joyful life. Our identity can be lost after trauma & this makes it exceptionally challenging to discover our vision & purpose. 

I have experienced all of these issues (& more) at some point in my life. The light-bulb finally went on & I realized that no one was going to "fix" me...except me. I made the decision to go through a healing process that would get me on the path to living an energetic life & allow me to reclaim my identity.

This has since transformed my life & I get so thrilled to let others know that they really can have a vibrant life full of vision, purpose, & creativity!

Understanding how to listen to our body’s Creator-designed wisdom & learning the simple, holistic art to caring for ourselves is paramount. When we understand our innate worth through our Creator’s eyes & heal at the root level, we are able to experience true joy, lasting freedom, & { authentic } creativity.


It's my life's dream that we would ALL experience the abundant life we were created to live! 

2019 Lauren Crawford Wellness