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The Art of Energetics

What if you realized you are far more beautiful and wonderful than you previously imagined? Your body and mind are in constant communication. This communication may get interrupted by a variety of different variables, for example: poor nutrition, stress, inflammation, hormonal imbalance, trauma, unresolved issues, etc.

There are no accidents in your body. Everything happens in reaction to something else and points to a root issue. Energetics is the study of the nervous system’s energy pathways and the associations that are created between the organ and associated parts of the body. There is no difference between emotion and organ function- they are one and the same. What we feel, think, and say has a profound effect on our health. A positive outlook is just as healing as herbs and natural medicines.

If we delay the healing process, secondary reactions can degenerate into third-level reactions. Third level reactions are behavioral adaptations we make and they are ultimately signs of a coping mechanism is becoming an unhealthy habit. This will take a toll on the body. Fourth level reactions occur when a third level reaction is not checked. In this level, one’s thought processes can begin to destroy their mitochondria (or cells that produce energy). This is dangerous because the thought pattern can become ingrained and difficult to unlearn. The fifth level reaction occurs when people start isolating and find themselves alone and unloved, which can lead to becoming destructive of self and others.

Healing Habits

  1. Breathe deeply until you know exactly how you want to respond. This brings awareness and freedom of perspective.

  2. Exercise is imperative. At least 30 minutes of sweating a day clears stagnant energy in the organs and strengthens heart and mental health.

  3. Allowing yourself to process emotions, go through the grieving process, and begin to heal. Forgiveness is key in the healing process. This lightens the mental and emotional load. Forgiveness with boundaries releases the other person (& you), but does not mean you need to continue a relationship with them.

  4. Respond without need of validation. You have decided to respond so you are ready. Anything that leads to satisfaction leads to/cultivates healing energy.

  5. Practice positive internal dialogue- encourage yourself. Speak to yourself kindly, the way you would to a good friend. The more you are able to master your emotions and positive internal dialogue, the more you will be able to master your life and generate energy-cultivating responses as a habit.

  6. Give yourself a mental high-5! This reinforces positive behavioral change.



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1 Comment

michelle gindy
michelle gindy
Jan 09

Would love to know more about Energetics, sounds really interesting. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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