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Our Bodies, Our Temples

Our bodies are our temples.

We hear this phrase, but what does it truly mean?

Historically, temples were places of worship & where man communed with God. A space where heaven met earth.

Our bodies are powerful conduits of knowledge & energy that point us to our Creator in every single way. They work in tandem with our minds & souls to alert us when something is out of balance. I’m a huge proponent of the responsibility to listen to & understand our bodies for this reason.

We were made to experience the spirit of God holistically- a deep knowing through our mind, body, & soul. Not just a surface level acquaintanceship.

We were created as a direct reflection of our Creator’s image.

Sometimes it’s difficult for me, as may be the case with you, to comprehend certain concepts without feeling into them or experiencing them holistically. I find that I learn through my body.

Our bodies let us know when something is wrong physically, emotionally, & spiritually. In the same way that making choices that are not beneficial to our bodies leads to unrest, the same is true for the spiritual & emotional aspect of things. The choices we make, just as they affect others around us, affect every aspect of us. There is a ripple effect through our minds, bodies, & souls whenever we make a decision on where to draw physical, emotional, & spiritual sustenance.

Romans 8 explains it in this way, it says, “Those who live according to the impulse have their minds set on one’s desires alone; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. The mind governed by impulse & compulsion is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.”

There is a difference between living life alive & essentially sleep-walking or remaining unaware of what our bodies & minds are communicating. We were created in a specific way that mirrors resurrection power. If we are constantly choosing things for our bodies & minds based on how we feel in the moment, giving in to every desire, it has a domino effect on our health. It leads to a sort of spiritual death or disconnect, affecting our physical & emotional health as well.

Getting to the root of addictions, compulsions, trauma, & identity issues returns our bodies to a state of wholeness, life, & relationship with our Creator.

Our bodies & minds were wonderfully created by a Creator who seeks deep relationship with us. Healing holistically is the responsibility we have to care for our bodies as the temples they are.

Do the healing work as an act of love. For yourself. For those around you.

Healing means reconciliation.

To reconcile the disconnect between our minds, bodies, & relationship with our Creator is to come into a state of health.

We heal at a cellular level in our own bodies.

We heal at a cellular level in our communities through reconciliation, encouragement, & shared experiences.




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